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Do You Know How To Use Plant Essential Oil For Bathing?

Jun. 05, 2019

1. When showering, you can choose the bath gel or shower gel containing Plant Essential Oil, and choose the aroma and essential oil that suits you. In addition to the effect of conditioning the skin by the essential oil bath products and skin contact, you can also Inhale the aroma brought by it, balance your mood, and do both.

2, when doing aromatic bath at night: use essential oils to reduce stress and relieve physical and mental fatigue, such as lavender essential oil, bergamot essential oil, chamomile essential oil, Natural Essential Oil, sage essential oil, jasmine essential oil, rose essential oil, ylang-ylang oil , orange essential oil, sandalwood oil, etc.

The simpler way to use essential oils is to take a bath. However, one principle to remember when taking a bath is to drop 8 drops of essential oil in a bathtub. Many people think that our bathtub is very big, and there are no drops of 8 drops. Please rest assured that the essential oil will not dissolve in water. After these essential oils are dispersed, they are dispersed in the water. If you soak in, the essential oil will naturally attract you. Don't drop too much on your body, otherwise you will have some bad symptoms such as poor sleep and backache.

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