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Plant Acne Repair Serum Extract Method

Jun. 20, 2019

The essences extracted from various wild or artificially planted plants, such as mulberry leaf extract, rose essence, calendula essence, Plant Acne Repair Serum Extract, etc., the most popular is aloe vera, which is suitable for all skin types because of its low irritation. The main effect is to moisturize, balance water and oil secretion, eliminate redness and reduce inflammation. The essence is a gelatinous nutrient solution developed according to the principle of skin activity. It is a natural plant formula that slows down the fine lines of the eyes, delays the aging of the skin, and revitalizes the skin. The use of plant extracts is effective in extracting from natural plants (Physcomitrrella). Bioactive polypeptide sequences, combined with a combination of combinatorial chemistry and active peptide optimization. Its birth marks the transformation of anti-wrinkle wrinkle cosmetics from traditional actives to bioactives.

Plant Acne Repair Serum Extract