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Do You Need To Wash Your Face After Applying The Mask?

Nov. 16, 2019

With the development of the beauty industry, there are a lot of masks on the market, so do you want to wash your face after paying for the mask? Don't worry, then look down and we will tell you.

First of all, we need to know that the types of masks on the market today are:

1, patch mask, comes with essence, directly attached to the face, after 15-20 minutes to remove, is the most simple and convenient mask, is also the favorite of many women.

2, Paste mask, it is necessary to apply the mask thickly to the face. After application, it must be thoroughly cleaned, such as Glacial Mud Mask. Apply a proper amount of mask to the face (avoid the eyes and lips) and apply for 20 minutes. Then wash with water. The cream mask is best cleaned thoroughly.

Glacial Mud Mask

Glacial Mud Mask

3, tearing the mask, there may be a risk of magnifying the pores, and it is easy to hurt yourself when tearing, tearing mask is used in a small range, such as: remove blackheads. Tear the mask, taking into account the risk of enlargement of the pores, not only to clean the face after the treatment of the mask, it is best to add pores to converge, and then do basic skin care.

4, patch mask, if you do not feel the essence sticky sticky on the face is not comfortable, you can directly carry out the basic skin care, if you feel uncomfortable, rinse with water.

5, sleep mask, is a favorite of many women in a hurry, can be used as a mask when sleeping at night, normal care can be done the next day. For example, the Red Wine Polyphenols Sleep Mask is the final procedure for night maintenance. It is usually used after cleaning, conditioning, essence or lotion. Take a proper amount of sleep mask and massage it evenly with your fingers for circular motion. After a short massage, you can fall asleep. After getting up the next day, wash it with warm water, which can replace the night cream. Sleep mask, don't apply too thick first, and clean up the next morning. It is best to wash twice. In summary, it is seen that the simplest and most convenient is the patch mask.

It can be seen that whether or not to wash your face after applying the mask depends on the type of mask. In addition, many sisters feel that after the mask is finished, the skin has been adequately treated, and the next steps are not done. In fact, the mask is only temporarily moisturizing the skin, if you want to lock the moisture and retain the essence. The effect, the follow-up basic moisturizing skin care products must be done.

1, the mask frequency

Don't believe that the star's daily mask is applied. If the skin is watery, the mask is a kind of reinforced skin care product. It is not suitable for daily use. It is definitely a burden to increase the skin. Simply speaking, it is like a person who eats big fish and meat every day. Causes the body to be unhealthy. Therefore, apply mask, 2-3 times a week, and it is best not to exceed 20 minutes each time. When the time is long, it will clog the pores. The amount of skin absorption essence has been overloaded, and the time is no longer useful.

2, pay attention to time

Night is the best time to apply the mask, but it is enough to apply the mask for 20 minutes each time. At this time, the metabolism of the skin is strong, and the skin absorbs the peak of nutrition and self-repair, which is most suitable for applying the mask.

Don't be too greedy for the effect of the mask. The time of applying the mask should not be too long. The skin has already completely “sucked” the nutrition in 20 minutes, and the long time is counterproductive.

3, matters needing attention

a Don't be too superstitious mask, don't apply it every day.

b The mask with poor effect should be stopped in time, especially the skin reaction is not good.

c Pay attention to the storage and quality of the mask.

d The mask used for d can not be reused.

The above is the science of the Detoxification Acne Dead Sea Mud Mask supplier, I hope to help everyone.